In the last 24 hours, Titanium case 2 has reached a new peak of players. As many as 16.958 users were logged on simultaneously on Steam. The game was released in the Valve store in June 2020 and the previous peak was 13.427 players, downhill continues until mid-April. This leap forward is due both to the discounted price, currently set at € 7,50, and thanks to Apex Legends.

The next season of Respawn's Battle Royale will contain a number of references to Titanfall 2. Un recent video introduced the new legend Kairi “Valkyrie” Imahara, a pilot daughter of Viper, already seen in Titanfall 2.

Meanwhile, Respawn is expected to reveal a new mode for Apex Legends on April 26 that appears to go “beyond battle royale”.