The PC version of Nier Replicant it's not as disappointing as the port of Nier Automata but it still presents a number of annoying problems. The animations are frame bound, so going beyond 60 brings huge problems due to the hyper-speeded animations. In addition, there are also drops in framerate in case you disconnect the controller while in game, a problem related to the mouse pointer not disappearing from the screen. In addition, there is a mismanagement of GPU and CPU resources. In practice, they are used little and thus poorer than expected results are obtained even in high-level builds.

Thankfully, the modder community has already stepped in and started repairing Nier Replicant. First there is the injectable Special K made by Kaldaien, which allows you to get rid of the mouse cursor that appears when playing with the gamepad, reduces stuttering and allows you to set a framerate limit by disabling internal v-sync. Added to this is also the Nier Replicant High FPS Fix, which allows you to run Nier Replicant beyond 60 fps without having problems with animations.

Of course, you could just wait for Square Enix to patch the game. After all, it only took four years to release a patch for Nier Automata.