Blaze Entertainment, well-known manufacturer of consoles dedicated to the world of retrogaming, has finally announced the next step for their Evercade platform. After the release of the portable console of the same name, the company is ready to enter the home console market with Evercade VS.

Coming in the month of November 2021 priced at € 100, Evercade VS carries the same capabilities as the portable platform inside living rooms, allowing for a retro experience up to 4 players. As for the operating system, we are faced with a machine equipped with an operating system based on Linux and that in this new version will be able to receive firmware updates via the built-in wifi connection.

In addition, in addition to being able to accommodate up to two game cartridges at a time, it will allow use the Evercade Handheld Console as a secondary controller, alongside the main controller included in the package and the many third-party controllers compatible with the console.

As announced by Blaze Entertainment, Evercade VS pre-orders will start next Wednesday April 28 2021.