Yesterday CD Projekt Red released a detailed report of its revenues in the last quarter of 2020. The contained data revealed the proceeds of Cyberpunk, but also the expenses for the many reimbursements requested.

Despite all the controversy and criticism received, Cyberpunk managed to sell 13,7 million copies, 73% of which in digital. Lthe most represented platform is the PC with 56% of copies, followed by PlayStation at 28% and XBox at 17%.

The success of the game has also dragged the other services offered by CD Projekt, ahead. The site, which is involved in the sale of 10% of Cyberpunk's copies, recorded revenue of $ 90 million.

CD Project Red predicts the game's sales curve will be anomalous. This will be due both to the criticisms, but above all to the Sony's decision to withdraw the title from the PlayStation Store. 

Negative note in the report are refunds. After the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt decided to make refunds available to users much easier to obtain than normal. This led to a spike of approximately 30.000 copies refunded, which resulted in an expense of $ 2,23 million.

The figure also includes the costs of the operations that the Polish company has undertaken. This data includes only copies refunded directly by CD Projekt, and not from third parties. The latter figure should be highlighted because other retailers such as Microsoft, Best Buy and GameStop have also loosened their refund policies specifically for Cyberpunk.

At the end of the report, CD Projekt wanted to clarify some aspects ofattacco informatico immediately in February. The hackers would use a third-party application to break through the company's security systems. The main consequence of the attack was the loss of about three weeks of work.