OutridersFor a few days now, players have found themselves having to temporarily pause their run of Outriders due to an unpleasant one wipe bug. This mostly showed up when playing multiplayer with friends or by using the matchmaking function, causing your equipment to disappear completely.

If bugs always represent an unpleasant threat, this was particularly bad in a looter shooter like Outriders, where the equipment is everything and its perfection in function of a build represents the main core of the game structure.

It took a few days, but now People Can Fly seems to have managed to solve the problem, making available the much-needed patch that fixes the problem.

"We have just released a new patch that fixes the bug that caused some players' inventory to disappear. If your inventory has been affected, please be aware that our efforts to recover your items are part of a separate process from today's patch. Restoring the inventory of affected players remains our top priority, while today's patch is designed to prevent the problem from recurring again ”.

Outriders players should therefore be able to start playing again without the worry of running into this unfortunate chance. For all those who have already run into the problem, we will have to wait a few more days, with People Can Fly who will try to return lost equipment through a server-side intervention.