Resident evil villageA new rumor has emerged in the last few hours about a possible additional mode present in Resident evil village. Second the insider Dusk Golem, usually quite knowledgeable when it comes to rumors about the Capcom franchise, the game should have a bonus difficulty level which serves as a full-fledged mod randomizer, transforming it into what appears to be a kind of roguelite.

According to the insider, the bonus level changes the positioning of objects and enemies in a completely random way, as well as scaling up the difficulty level and thus offering a more hardcore gaming experience.

"I don't know the full details / the final result of the mode." Dusk Golem explains,  "I think they can talk about it before the release, but I am aware that it makes the game more open, randomizes enemies and placement of objects and is scaled to be extremely difficult."

All that remains is to wait for new information about it, maybe in the already announced Capcom showcase scheduled for the end of April. This will obviously reveal some details and news about Resident evil village, with the software house that he hinted at in his official communication to have some surprises in store: "We don't want to give you any surprises, so we leave it completely to you to speculate on what the next presentation might contain."