Final Fantasy XIV will also arrive on PS5. Here are the first details about the bet of the new next-gen version.

Coming tomorrow, the beta of the PS5 version of the excellent MMO from Square Enix has been described by the developers. You can choose the resolution between three different configurations: 4K, 1440p, 1080p. According to Project Manager Shoichi Matsuzawa the game is expected to run at 60 fps in configurations at 1440p and 1080 in normal gameplay phases. As for the 4K configuration, the frame rate should be around 40 fps.

Matsuzawa also reiterates the obvious, namely that during phases with hundreds of players in the area there could be a drop in frame rate, which should however remain on the 30 stable. Obviously this is a beta, it is good to reiterate this. We will be able to have certain technical data only at the end of this test on PS5, and then see how the title will behave in the final version for next-gen.

We remind you that the latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV named Endwalker will arrive in the course of next autumn, and will close the narrative cycle opened by A Realm Reborn.