The current global situation due to the now known pandemic COVID-19 continues to cause many problems in the electronics market. Partly due to the scarcity of materials and partly due to the high demand and the phenomenon of scalpers, the main hardware suppliers continue to suffer from setbacks within their assembly line. However, it appears that Nintendo has enough material at its disposal to continue producing Nintendo Switch throughout 2021.

Nintendo Switch Shuntaro FurukawaThis was announced by the CEO of Nintendo of Japan, Shuntaro Furukawa during an interview published by Nikkei. Here is a small excerpt:

“We were able to secure the materials needed for immediate semiconductor production for our Nintendo Switches. However, in Japan and other countries, the demand for the console has been very strong since the beginning of the year and there is a possibility that some retailers will start running out of stock in the future. "

In short, it seems unlike Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5, Nintendo has already run for cover and limit the damage caused by these strange times and dictated by the pandemic, thus avoiding the possibility of running out of stocks. as happened last year.