The Day BeforeThe Day Before, a promising survival MMO developed by FNTASTIC, was shown in a video gameplay which confirms the surprising ambitions previously shown by the software house.

The title seems to combine a survival structure with TPS gameplay, resulting in an obvious cross between The Division and State of Decay with a sprinkling of Snowrunner, especially as regards the vehicles (and the obvious inspiration from The Last of Us as regards the font of the title). What still raises some doubts too much, however, is that the title looks as promising as it is shrouded in mystery: In fact, FNTASTIC has so far tried its hand only in small productions, like survival The Wild Eight, while the Russian publisher Mytona it has so far only been active in the field of mobile video games. Two curriculum not exactly in line with the great ambitions that The Day Before seems to have.

Many players therefore welcomed the first images with an extra bit of caution, since everything immediately appeared "too good to be true". It therefore remains to be discovered whether FNTASTIC will be able to succeed right where bigger names have (partially) failed in the past.

The Day Before will be released by the end of 2021 and will be available exclusively on PC.