Capcom is investigating another bug in Monster hunter rise. After fixing the bug that corrupted the saves, Capcom, via the Monster Hunter official website, has communicated a problem regarding the Fusion Pot, that is the function that allows the crafting of talismans. According to Capcom, the problem lies in the fact that the same talismans can be created in the same order. Here is what is written by the software house:

“We have confirmed a bug for some players when using 'Melding - Wisp of Mystery' which results in the same talismans being produced in the exact same order. We are currently investigating the cause and how to resolve it, so we will post another notification as soon as we have more information ”.

It is not yet known when the next patch will be released but, on the other hand, the first update for the title should be released by the end of the month, which will introduce two monsters, the Apex Rathalos and the ancient dragon Chameleos.

Monster Hunter Rise Update 3.0 will come "later". While Capcom hasn't shared too many details about that update yet, the publisher teased that it will add another ending to the game's story, as well as many other monsters to hunt. It must be said, however, that, beyond the problems, the game is a real success, with millions and millions of copies sold in a few days.