That Naoki Yoshida had a particular personality has never been questioned. In recent years, the director of Final Fantasy XIV: The Realm Reborn and of the next Final Fantasy XVI became the fan idol of Square Enix also thanks to its spontaneous communication with users.

And it is precisely in the name of this spontaneity that a few days ago the good Yoshida appeared on the streaming platform Twitch with a full-bodied marathon of 7 hours very particular. The broadcast is available within the channel NGC, a Japanese network dedicated to video game streaming.

Over the course of these 7 hours of content, Yoshida entertained viewers not only through the MMO Final Fantasy XIV, but also with his culinary skills, preparing his personal recipe for coffee biscuits, subsequently translated by the user @aitaikimochi:

If you are interested in its mad skills as a player, cook and why not, also as a wine taster, we recommend viewing the full streamdespite the absence of subtitles.