OutridersOutriders it's a success with surprising proportions and the necessary clarification has inevitably arrived from People Can Fly on future game support. The looter shooter of the Polish house should in fact follow a "Diablo" model, with significant expansions and self-developed stories.

"We never said we would quit the game." remarked the game's Creative Director, Bartek Kmita, “This is not game as a service, but if people like it, we will definitely do other things within the Outriders universe. We have so many stories to tell and ideas to explore that we can't pack into the main game, so we're happy to be able to create more content in the future. Everything we do will be in the form of big sets with their own stories. ”

Although the game has often been erroneously compared to other looter shooters, such as Destiny, People Can Fly has confirmed that the main inspiration of its title is undoubtedly the Diablo series, from which it could inherit the method of adding content, different from other exponents of the genre who operate in the form of live service: "For inspiration, it all started with Diablo, which we still see as the best in class" Kmita said, "We wanted to use Diablo as a reference, not exactly the other exponents of the genre to which the game belongs."