Let's go talk about PlayStation and closure of the digital stores of PS3, PSP and PS Vita. The latter platform is the protagonist of a small communication problem between Sony and the few indie developers interested in developing their games for the ill-fated handheld console.

PS Vita PS Store PlayStation Sony Indie DevelopersIn fact, some developers they were not notified in advance of the closure of the stores, becoming aware of the fact on the same day of the circulation of the first rumors, or even the publication of info to consumers related to the closure of the PS Store.

The result? Several developers were forced to cancel the release of their titles in the works on PS Vita, as in the case of the developer The Domaginarium which canceled several games in development that wouldn't be released before August 27 2021, date of the definitive closure of the PS Store.

In other cases, developers such as Lyllimo GamesFlying oak games they will be able to sell their securities for a limited time. In the case of Flying Oak Games, their next title Scourge Bringer will remain online on the PlayStation Vita PS Store for 128 days.