Although the date of 1 April should warn everyone, the jokes continue to reap numerous victims, sometimes even illustrious ones, who fall into rather obvious traps. This is the case of the news, which emerged in the last few hours, which talks about the postponement of Halo Infinite.

Today a signed post appeared on Twitter Chris Lee and 343 Industries which announced the further postponement to 2022 of the new chapter of the Master Chief saga.

Halo Infinite 343 IndustriesIf at first glance this may seem a rather convincing and truthful communication, some elements should have immediately triggered the fake news alarm siren, above all the fact that this tweet came from an account so well disguised as an official profile, but still with just about thirty followers. If this were not enough, the signature at the bottom of the post then eliminates any kind of doubt: Chris Lee, who is referred to here as the head of 343 Industries, has no longer held the role since last summer, when the studio lead and the entire Halo Infinite project were reassigned to other figures. In short, an April Fool like any other, even rather clumsy and unrealistic, if it weren't for the fact that a prestigious newspaper like Kotaku, who mistakenly published the news as true, alarming all fans of the franchise.

The story ended with the correction related by apology from the famous news site and a big sigh of relief for all players: Halo Infinite, even without an official release date yet, it will probably be released in the fall of 2021.