In the video Strategy Update of 30 March CD Projekt has announced a turning point in its future plans for the Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer and not only. The future of the company's multiplayer will shift from GOG Galaxy and aim to build a community within it.

The plans for Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer had never been very clear. The latest speculations were back in November 2020, and they were talking about a standalone project, something similar to GTA 5. 

Now, however, after the difficulties encountered during and after the launch of Cyberpunk, CD Projekt seems to have completely changed course. It was Kiciński, president of the company, who announced the new course.

Instead of producing great multiplayer games, the company will aim to implement online elements in all of its franchises. Functional to this new approach will be the GOG Galaxy distribution platform, owned by CD Projekt.

Also the recent acquisition of the Canadian firm Digital Space seems to be going in this direction. This softwarehouse, which will become CD Projet RED Vancouver, is in fact specialized in the development of multiplayer games.

However, Kiciński has assured that this will not change the company's philosophy. CD Projekt will remain focused on the production of Triple A singleplayer role-playing video games. Online elements will only be implemented where deemed necessary or sensible.

The video touches on many other points, some even painful for the Polish company. There is talk of both shortening marketing campaigns and paying more attention to employee welfare, especially programmers.