The universe of league of legends is ready to expand further. Having invaded the field of digital card games with Legends of Runeterra and that of Competitive FPS with Valuing, Riot Games is ready to take the big leap into the world of MMORPGs.

League of Legends KatarinaThe Californian software house has in fact opened the applications for the project World of Runeterra, and is looking for talented people to engage in the following areas: Gameplay Engineering, Game Design, UX Design, Game Art e Game Production.

“No you are not dreaming, we are working on a MMORPG set in the League universe! We know that MMOs need a lot of people to create, and we will need a very large team to bring the world of Runeterra to life. And this is where you come in. We will continue to post new roles, but at the moment we don't have any specific open positions within our team, we are preparing for the journey. "