Halo Infinite continues to be a title that gropes in the dark. Despite the good will of 343 Industries, which has recently begun to open up on the disclosure of the promotional material, the latest incarnation of the starring shooter franchise Master Chief does not yet have a specific release date after being postponed last December.

However, in a recent podcast interview Fadam & Friends the voice actor Verlon Roberts claimed that the title was deferred to the next November 2021, exactly one year after Microsoft's planned release.

During the interview Verlon also claimed to interpret Spartan Griffin within the long-awaited title for the Xbox platform and how his contribution to the game did not stop at simple dubbing, but also carried out sessions of motion capture for his character.

What do you think? Will Halo Infinite really be released towards the end of 2021? We, as always, invite you to take this kind of "leak" with the necessary pliers and wait for an official confirmation from 343 Industries.