Australia has been famous for its own for years very strict rules on video game content. Games that PEGI deems suitable for adults fail to meet Australian standards and do not obtain authorization to sell.

These are usually strange choices, which we can consider unfair, but not absurd. It is not surprising then that they can fall under these complaints titles with very high content such as Mortal Kombat or Saints Row. 

This time, however, the Australian censorship has touched a game that is not only successful, but also multi-award-winning. On March 25, 2021, the Australian Classification rejected the classification request of Elysium Final Cut Disc, prohibiting its sale.

The game of ZA / UM, winner of four Game Awards in 2019 and three British Academy Games Awards in 2020, was ready to debut on console but it was considered:

"Contrary to the standards of morality, decency and decorum generally accepted by reasonable adults"

He lashed out against this decision Ron Curry, head of IGEA, an association representing video game producers and distributors in Australia. In a statement released to Guardian Australia, defended Disco Elysium stating:

"Video games are treated differently [by other media] and the classification guidelines only confirm this […]. The sad reality is that the system applies much stricter rules to video games than any other content. "

These laws are now considered obsolete by the entire industry, and even the government seemed to agree. In January last year, the government made a proposal to change the guidelines for the classification of video games.

But nothing has moved since then. And not only that, a new law for online safety, which could come into force in the coming months, would like to impose the same classification on all sites and social networks based in Australia.