Monster Hunter Rise will arrive in just two days, and apparently some Japanese employees will have a day off for the occasion.

A Japanese company, well aware that many employees would take a day off for the launch of the new Monster Hunter Rise, decided to close the matter by giving un day off. The impact this series has always had on Japanese players is enormous and could only be compared to what each release of a new one has. Dragon Quest. Well aware of this phenomenon, the Mark-on company CEO Hiyama Masaki has decided to put everyone - or almost - on vacation. Why almost? Because the executives and the staff on the upper floors will not be able to enjoy this permission, this is to allow a good functionality of the company during the day.

It must be said that Hiyama Masaki is the leader of a company that deals with VR app, therefore a sector closely connected to the videogame world and which requires a certain open mind. Furthermore, through this maneuver, Mark-on has certainly gained in popularity, as evidenced by the ad's retweets.

As you can see, the world of work in Japan is not always that brutal. We just have to wish good hunting to all employees and to you readers. Rather, you have read our review of Monster hunter rise?