You remember it Ikumi Nakamura? The former creative director behind the long-awaited Ghostwire: Tokyo and the undisputed best girl of E3 2019 broke the silence after leaving Tango Gameworks in September 2019 and announced the opening of his new independent studio.

The announcement was made directly by Nakamura herself within Remnant Tour, a mini-documentary dedicated to her career, starting from her youth played until the development of The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Speaking of the experience in the studios of Tango Gameworks, here are Nakamura's words on the reasons behind his abandonment and the damage caused by the crunch carried out during the development of their latest project:

“It had gotten to the point where the situation began to affect my health. You cannot make games if you are not healthy. I began to wonder whether or not there was a way to make games and feel better at the same time. I made the decision to leave before it was too late. "

As for his future, Nakamura has announced the start of work on a new IP and that he hopes to be able to complete this project together with a studio diversified and that goes beyond linguistic difficulties, specifying how this serves to create a working environment for her stimulating and in line with its inclusive philosophy.