The promotional material of the long-awaited Splatoon 3 openly mentions Daft Punk. Tribute or involvement in the development of the title?

The third installment of the Nintendo shooter was one of the most important announcements of the last Nintendo Direct, to the delight of many gamers. The Japanese marketing campaign has already begun and, in the magazine CoroCoro, we can see a very particular advertisement.

In the image shown by us it is possible to see the single Around the World, published by the duo in 1997. But it is not the only quote in the pages of the magazine. One of the promotional images has a Inkling walking away alone in the desert, as in Daft Punk's farewell video named Epilogue. We show it to you in the tweet below:

Is the now disbanded duo collaborating in some way in the development of Splatoon 3, or did the marketing department of CoroCoro in collaboration with Nintendo want to pay homage to the two French artists? If the first hypothesis turns out to be correct, it would surely be incredible news.