Xbox Game Pass Sea of ​​ThievesIt does not rain that Xbox Game Pass is a service that is progressively conquering the hearts of gamers, but in many cases it has represented a real driving force for the titles in the catalog, making the software houses happy too.

The most striking examples are two first-party titles from Microsoft, as market analyst Benji-Sales pointed out. in a tweet:

The growth in the number of subscribers a Xbox Game Pass (whose last confirmed figure was 18 million users) led to a significant influence of players on what are two of Microsoft's main first party titles: Sea of ​​Thieves has reached 20 million players (they were 10 million just over a year ago) while Forza Horizon 4 has reached 24 million last November (12 million according to the August 2019 figure).

If it is true that both games enjoy the advantage of offering many hours of content, which go well with a service of this type, it must be said that also other smaller games have managed to carve out their share of the audience and easily cover development costs thanks to the momentum given by Xbox Game Pass, as in the recent case of The Medium, confirming how the path taken by Microsoft can be beneficial not only for players, but also for software houses.