As early as November 2020, Respawn had banned around 400 players of Apex Legends arrived at the highest ranks after taking advantage of a glitch that allowed them to play against players of much lower rank than them. Respawn security analyst Conor Ford has now revealed about Twitter that another 700 accounts, with ranks ranging from Gold to Predator, were banned.

“Over 700 accounts used to cheat in Ranked (Gold-Pred) have been permanently banned since last Thursday. This does not and will not include any accounts that have used the infinite Heat Shield exploit. "

Ford then announced that just over 180 accounts were in the top two ranks of Apex Legends - Diamond and Predator - while the rest were Gold and Platinum. It might seem like a relatively small banning wave compared to, for example, Call of Duty: Warzone, but Ford has made it clear that Respawn bans around 100.000 Apex Legends players per month, with the total count approaching two million. of players.