As we know, Final Fantasy VII Remake is not yet available on PC, but some gamers had the brilliant idea of recreate Midgar in VR.

This fan project was made by two users Steam, Takato Matsuki e Colonel McKernel, who recreated several evocative locations and settings of FFVII Remake using VRChart.

Such fan made production allows PC gamers to be able to explore for yourself Midgar and other iconic locations from the game, such as Cloud's apartment, Aerith's house, Seventh Heaven, Church and some offices of the Shinra Corporation.

Interesting that users can visit these places without owning a VR headset.

To be able to explore these maps of Final Fantasy VII Remake you need to download VRChat from Steam, and then search for "Midgar”To be able to explore the environments of the game.

After the announcements of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for Playstation 5 and DLC dedicated to Yuffie, we look forward to the PC version.