epic Games enters the Italian videogame market and does so through a new partnership with theIIDEA, Italian Interactive Digital & Entertainment Association. This collaboration was announced by the organization itself on its own Official site.

Here is the comment of the president of IIDEA, Marco Saletta:

“We are proud to welcome Epic Games as a new member of IIDEA through its Unreal Engine brand. Epic has many years of industry experience behind them and we look forward to working closely with them to share their knowledge and passion with our members. Our desire is that the collaboration with Epic will last a long time to support us in our goal of strengthening the growth of the Italian video game industry ”.

To these words, he also added Rocco Scandizzo, Head of Games' Engine Business Development for EMEA at Epic Games:

“With over 80 companies present within IIDEA, Italy undoubtedly has an active and lively community and is one of the main players in the global industry. At Epic Games, we work tirelessly to support developers through our many initiatives such as Epic Online Services, Epic MegaGrants, Unreal Fest and Unreal Presents. We look forward to being an active member of the Association and helping it to achieve the development goals for companies and for the Italian industry in general "