Let's go back to talking about Tetsuya Nomura's recent interview with the Japanese newspaper Famitsu, the creative director is back to talk about Final Fantasy VII Remake and its DLC Intergrade, which will introduce the character of Yuffie within the new narrative of Final Fantasy VII Saga.

According to what was said by the National Nomurone, the development team initially opted for a re-release of the original game on PlayStation 5, a decision discarded to continue the work of graphics upgrade in 4K played for this new version, with the DLC dedicated to Yuffie acting as the additional content exclusively for Sony's new flagship console.

And speaking of additional content, Nomura stated that Episode Yuffie will be the only DLC scheduled for the first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake, stating that the team is already hard at work on the second part of Cloud & Co.'s adventure.

"We are now prioritizing the completion of the next game, so if we were to think about more DLC, then they will probably arrive when the work is done."

We remind you that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be released next June 10, 2021 on PlayStation 5, with the possibility (for owners of the original game for PS4) to make a free upgrade to the Next-Gen version, with Episode Yuffie available for purchase separately.