There is an air of layoffs in the house Activision Blizzard. According to a new report by Jason Schreier published on Bloomberg in fact, in the last few days the company has sent home 2% of its workforce, or more or less 190 employees.

According to initial estimates and a subsequent confirmation by the representative of Activision Tony Petitti, 50 of these layoffs were found within the department dedicated to live events dedicated to export competitions, one of the sectors most affected by the current pandemic. In fact, it seems that Activision is organizing for a ride at digital conferences even after the end of the COVID-19 emergency, thus leading to a reshuffle of the departments.

This decision has also generated several controversies inside and outside the company, not only for the modalities of this operation, some employees for example were not even warned or were suddenly cut off from their account. Slack used to attend meetings between colleagues, and for i bonus offered to workers: 90 days bonus and a $ 200 gift card to spend on