La console version di Rust is shown for the first time in a video gameplay.

The survival of Facepunch Studios, initially released in early access on Steam in the distant 2013, is experiencing a second youth thanks to the group Offline Tv and many streamers.

And here the game, on the strength of its comeback among gamers, is shown for the first time in a video gameplay for consoles For PS4 e Xbox One.

The movie, by ben 17 minutes, shows us a variety of options during the combat, along with various types of equipment da create and that will influence your approach and the outcome of both group fights, that of 1vs1 skirmishes.

The development and publication of Rust for consoles PlayStation 4 e Xbox One have been entrusted to the British firm Double eleven.

Rust suffered the loss of all data following the severe fire that hit the Strasbourg headquarters of the OVH two days ago; we hope that the arrival of the game on consoles will make the new servers even more populated.