Although 2020 was a rather flat year for many business sectors, which saw their activities slow or stop due to the pandemic, the video game market and especially the console market ended the year breaking all records.

PlayStation Nintendo Xbox Gaming Console Market ManagerAccording to a new report from the site Ampere Analysis, in the last year the sale of hardware, software and services on the three main console platforms - PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox, generated revenues equal to 53.9 billion dollars, exceeding last year's result by 19% (45.2 billion).

In terms of market representation, Sony remains at the top of the rankings with a whopping 46% (three points less than in 2019), followed by a Nintendo up 31% and Microsoft at 23%. The situation does not change with regard to the software, which he sees Sony and PlayStation top the market with a rock of 50%.

The report then took into consideration the sales of the digital market, which in 2020 represented the 67% of total sales worldwide. Finally, Ampere Analysis has forecast its estimates for 2021, expecting an increase in total earnings of up to 8% (58.6 billion).