We haven't talked about a re-release of Skyrim in a while, have we? But luckily here we are! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim it will also become a board game. There are no details yet but you can take a look at the official page on Gamefound to follow the progress of the campaign. It is advertised as "An epic board game of cooperative adventure in Skyrim for 1-4 players".

Typically this type of adventure board game usually focuses on moving characters from one point to another on a map to achieve goals. Things like fights or missions are usually done with one or two dice rolls so that you have equipment or money as a reward.

This game is part of the ongoing partnership between Bethesda and board game and role-playing game publishers Modiphius, former creators of miniature games The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms e Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, and they should release board games based on Fallout and Dishonored as well.