Halo Infinite343 Industries continues to publish regular updates on the related works Halo Infinite and, in the last of these, it showed some promising images of the game in its current state. In the specific case, this is the PC version.

As can be seen from the screenshots relaunched by Tom Warren, journalist of The Verge, Halo Infinite seems to have come a long way since the gameplay shown last year in one of the Inside Xboxs, especially from the point of view of lighting, one of the most obvious shortcomings emerged from the first trailer. 343 in illustrating his inspirations for the artistic sector of the game and how he is deciding to make it, used two key words: Heritage and Simplicity.

"By Legacy, we mean our goal is for players to feel like they are experiencing a game they remember with pleasure (Halo: Combat Evolved) but with modern graphics, of course" said Justin Dinges, Campaign Art Lead of the project. "When it comes to Simplicity, we wanted to make sure we were giving an overly flashy and detailed design swerve, a crucial point for the team coming from Halo 5."

The development team therefore wants to give a welcome message to long-time fans of the franchise, since the aesthetic of the series has always been able to adequately mix modern sci-fi with natural beauty, and this seems to be one of the cornerstones on which the entire production rests.

Halo Infinite does not yet have an official release date, but it should see the light later in 2021.