Jim Ryan's interview coverage continues a GQ Magazine. After revealing the very first details on the upcoming PS VR and discussing the postponement of Gran Turismo 7, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment talked about the next PlayStation titles coming to PC, starting with Days Gone.

days gone SIE Bend Studio PlayStation Sony PCThe Sony president had nothing but positive words for the PC platform and for this new trend of PlayStation, which started with Horizon: Zero Dawn Death Stranding.

“A few things have changed. We are now in early 2021 with our development studios and games in top shape. There is an opportunity to expose these games to a wider audience and recognize the limitations of the game development economics, which are not always easy to manage. At each cycle, the cost of game production costs, as the caliber of IPs has improved, along with the ease of making these games available to those without a console. "

In other words: bringing PlayStation titles to PC brings money, and Sony has nothing to lose with distributing its exclusives on Steam or Epic Games.

And this is only the beginning. After Days Gone, arriving during Spring 2021, PlayStation will release PC ports of its IPs more frequently. The time has finally come to seriously speculate on the arrival of the much desired Bloodborne? We'll see.