Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment and head of the division PlayStation, took advantage of the microphones of GQ Magazine to throw the bomb: PS VR will return to PlayStation 5, even going so far as to provide the first details on the next viewer in development.

Jim Ryan PS VR PlayStation 5 SonyThe watchwords for this new model in progress are two: evolution and innovation. Here is a translation of the excerpt on PS VR:

Obviously the question is what has changed since the first headset?

“This will be a new VR format for PS5. PlayStation considered VR as a story of great innovation and strategic opportunities. We think you will see two themes that you will see: we who take the technological advancement that has taken hold since the current VR system hit the market and a considerable amount of lessons learned. The changes will be things like moving to a very simple one-wire setup. The devkits are about to come out. "

VR is gaining ground, but it's still a premature market. Why create a sequel to the first headset?

“We believe in VR and have been extremely happy with the results with the current PS VR and we think we will do a good deal with our new VR system for PlayStation 5. But more importantly, we see it as something that will go beyond. this new iteration coming up and that could be really big and important. We like to innovate; we think this is what our community wants. I would turn the question around and say "Why not?" For us, this is a more than logical step to take. We are very excited and we think the people who create VR games for our new system will be too. "

Jim Ryan was very careful not to divulge hardware specifications or further details on developer support, but we already have confirmation: PS VR 2 exists, will arrive in the future and is ready to revolutionize the way you see and experience virtual reality on consoles in its own way.