As is increasingly the case, the modder landscape leaves us speechless. This time we talk about Dark Souls: Nightfall, mod for the first chapter of the saga that has a great team of modders and data-divers behind it, including Grimrukh, creator of the exceptional mod Daughters of Ash.

Dark Souls: Nightfall starts right from the end of the original game and leads the player to follow the path already taken but in reverse. Although the starting point is the same as the standard game, there will be surprises after a few steps.

The name of the mod, Nightfall, derives from the fact that the character is an empty being in a world where the “dark” ending of Dark Souls was chosen.

The mod introduces a totally modified combat system that allows for different approaches. For example, you can play super aggressively, with faster attacks, better dodges and a health recovery system similar to that of Bloodborne or prefer slightly less offensive abilities but with the possibility of healing.

Just above you can see the gameplay video, the mod's publication date is still unknown, we are anxiously awaiting.