Final Fantasy XVI will apparently abandon the turn-based structure in favor of an action drift, according to producer Naoki Yoshida.

The trailer shown during the PlayStation 5 presentation had shown some gameplay sequences decidedly unsuitable for the main titles of the brand. Now, as reported by Nova Crystallis senior editor Tony Garsow via Twitter, the development team has confirmed the nature action by Final Fantasy XVI.

Recently interviewed by a radio show, the producer Naoki Yoshida would have declared that the long-awaited new chapter by Square Enix will enjoy a dynamic combat system based on action. It would also have confirmed that FFXVI it will also be approachable by novice players, presumably thanks to the ability to select the difficulty. The development team is also working hard on the plot of the game, an important aspect as already shown by the trailer.

The premises for an innovative title within the famous JRPG saga are there, now we just have to wait for further news.