The fate of Anthem it hangs by a very thin thread. After the failed launch of BioWare's latest RPG, the software house made a commitment to adjust the structure of the game through the update Anthem Next, But a upcoming meeting of the vertices of Electronic Arts - anticipated by the investigative journalist Jason Schreirer - could put an end to the hopes of the community that, as a sign of support, has started using social media for make your voice heard.

Anthem Next BioWare Electronic Arts Community Social Network Twitter RedditOn reddit, the page dedicated to Anthem is studded with posts that on the one hand show a genuine attachment to the game, and on the other highlight the skepticism of the community towards Electronic Arts, a software house famous not only for FIFA, but also for having more and more times thought about profit rather than its buyers.

#CantTrustEA from AnthemTheGame

Also, the hashtag #IBelieveinAnthem attracted the attention of other communities from games such as WarframeMonster Hunter, Rainbow Six, Paragon (rip) e No Man's Sky, a title very similar to Anthem as regards its debut: a title protagonist of one of the most disastrous launches in recent years, which has managed to recover thanks to the efforts and post-launch updates by Hello Games.

Could this be the fate of Anthem? Or EA will decide to unplug permanently?