Although the Blizzcon this year is keeping completely fit online courses and without the traditional public kermesse in Anaheim, there is certainly no shortage of news from the Californian company regarding the future of games in the hands of the company. One of the most interesting news of the last few hours concerns Overwatch 2, and the concept of inserting passive skills for each role that Blizzard is testing internally.

These passives should help even the less-in-meta heroes have an extra chance of success, without however bringing extreme changes to the character kits we have been inhabited to know over the years. Below are the passive bonuses shown during the Overwatch 2 panel:

  • Tanks: Knockback reduction, decreased ult charge for damage dealt to them
  • Damage: Movement speed bonus
  • Support: Automatic healing (active after taking no damage for a period)

Obviously this feature could not even be present in the final release of Overwatch 2, as this is only a possibility that the developers are testing internally, but it is still interesting to see the new approaches that Blizzard is exploring in the development of the sequel to thehero shooter.