In an interview released a, the head of Bloober Team Piotr Babieno missed a small preview of the next horror-themed project from the developers of The Medium and which, according to some fans, would be linked to the franchise of Silent Hill.

Piotr has in fact talked about how The Medium was a project by transition for the study and how the team is ready to work for an AAA project:

“In fact, we have been working for over a year on another project, another horror IP together with a very famous publisher. I can't say who, I can't say the name of the project, but I'm sure that as soon as people understand what we're working on, they'll be very excited. "

This statement would coincide with some rumor - in circulation since last year - they see Konami is looking for a developer willing to work on a reboot of the series, after the cancellation of the project Silent Hills by Hideo Kojima.

As usual we invite you to take this news with the due pliers, but just in case: would you like to return to the fog of Silent Hill with a title developed by the creators of The Medium?