Bungie is ready to expand its horizons in the future, both with Destiny than with his internal organization. Let's see together plans that the software house is preparing for i next years.

Destiny 2 Bungie Media 2021Let's start with the business part: Bungie has planned an expansion of the headquarters of Bellevue in Washington, a complete technical modernization, new additions to your own board of administration - coming from the entertainment field - and the opening of an international office ad Amsterdam, Holland. These changes will be finalized by 2022.

Speaking of the projects in the pipeline, Bungie is aiming and investing resources not only for the recruitment of new talents for the development of a new IP (scheduled for a period ranging from 2021 to 2025), but also for expand the franchise and the Destiny universe to new media outside the game, entrusting the management of the franchise to the vice president Mark Noseworthy and the executive producer Luke Smith

But will it be so? We will really start seeing TV series, comics or even starring movies the Guardians of the house Bungie?