Valheim Iron gate survivalAfter the fever di Rust, the phenomenon of the moment undoubtedly bears the name of Valheim. The Viking-themed survival took advantage of the public's renewed love for survival games and managed to enter the hearts of the players who decided to try it.

To the title of the Swedes of Iron gate nothing is missing from the classic elements of the genre such as crafting, building and some healthy PvP that has often been a staple in survival titles. Valheim is no exception e the mix of well-packaged elements has led the game to exceed 2 million copies sold in just two weeks, with a peak of 367.000 contemporary players reached today.

"Everyone here at Iron Gate has really appreciated the messages, the love and the questions from all of you, so keep it up!" we read in note on the Steam page of Valheim confirming the extraordinary result, "We are very excited to continue working with all of you to reach Asgard together and will be sharing news on what's to come in the future very soon."

Valheim is currently still in early access and its procedural world will be integrated with new weapons, biomes, bosses and enemies over the next year.