Yesterday fans of Street Fighter V gathered around the social channels of Capcom to watch the livestream dedicated to Developer Winter Update, the first in 6 months and tied to upcoming updates, rebalances and upcoming characters


As announced yesterday, Eleven is the bonus character offered with the purchase of the fifth Character Pass he was born in Premium Pass and who was mistakenly mistaken as the last character planned for Street Fighter V Season 5.

As mentioned earlier, Eleven is the SFV counterpart of Tekken's Mokujin, or a character able to change moveset, copying the appearance of one of the 40+ characters available. Like all characters it will be available to face one dedicated story mode and able to delve into the history around the G-Project of the Secret Society.

Dan & Rose

The first two characters of Season 5 were also presented: Dan and Rose.

Always the joke character and comic line of the series, the "" clone "" of Ryu Dan hibiki returns to Street Fighter V with a new fighting style centered around his V-Skills and V-Triggers. The former allow Dan to delete animations to link various moves in a more intuitive way, leading him to perform deadly combos for unwary opponents.

His V-Triggers, on the other hand, give the fighter back the skill Haou Gadoken of Street Fighter IV and the ability to make Koryuken impossible to counter (thanks to the invincibility frames). In short, get ready: because the February 22 Dan can seriously give you a hard time!

Rose also makes her return to Street Fighter V, incorporating several aspects of her previous incarnations and adding new moves to her kit.

Her air and anti-air capabilities have been enhanced with their respective special moves Soul Spark Soul Bind. The first is his bullet e trademark, which in SF V is even more powerful and versatile, becoming one of the few aerial bullets can be launched from different angles.

Its V-Skills hark back to old chapters Street fighter alpha 3 Street Fighter VSoul Fortune will buff Rose and penalize the opponent while Soul Satellite it will provide you with further defenses. Her V-Triggers will allow players to adopt a different fighting style than canons of roses, allowing her to teleport (Soul Dimension) and increase their damage through the use of a doppelganger (Soul Illusion). A new stage will be released with Rose: Marina of Fortune.

A new defensive mechanic: V-Shift

And as the icing on the cake: with the next update there will also be a rework of the battle system, introducing a new mechanic: The V-Shift.

This new addition will allow players to use the V-Gauge to dodge the opponent's attacks, thus offering additional defensive options much requested by the community. However, such an addition comes at a cost, namely a general rebalancing of the entire roster.

The new V-Shift mechanics will come next February 22 2021, along with Dan and Eleven.