Despite the usual and innumerable criticisms, Ubisoft is one of the companies in the videogame sector able to shift more balance. The French software house works on a huge range of projects, almost always with the classic formula.

Ubisoft's presence in the free-to-play market it is not absent; just think of Brawlhalla e Trackmania, but it is certainly not overwhelming. The free titles published by the company have almost all carved out a good niche of players, but it is evident that the massive project is missing: something to compare, even remotely, to the giants of the market. According to what the analyst reported Daniel “ZhugeEX” Ahmad, 2021 will be a year of big announcements on the issue.

During the year it seems that several free-to-play products from Ubisoft will be shown, which could therefore break into a market, that of free games, in strong stagnation since the arrival of Fortnite.