Steam is preparing to launch the open beta of the localized version of its store in China, after the approval of the Beijing government. A job that lasted three years, that port Valve in one of the richest and at the same time least accessible markets in the world. 

The operation was carried out in collaboration with the publisher Perfect World, and will take advantage of two flagship games of Valve, DOTA 2 and CS: GO. Chinese users who want to continue playing these two titles must in fact do so through a Steam China account.

All progress will be transferable to new accounts, from any international accounts, but this does not mean that the Chinese store will have the same offer as the international one. This is because before they can be spread on Chinese territory, the various games will have to be approved by the government. 

For the moment it is not yet clear whether the new localized client will replace the international one once it is out of beta. At the moment, players are free to use both. It is possible that Steam in its international version will only become accessible via VPN from China.