Lots of Blizzard fans keep waiting, hopefully, for news about Overwatch 2 e Diablo 4. The two titles don't have an official release date and Activision ha declared that neither of them has a publication scheduled for 2021.

The good news, if you can define it that way, is that Diablo Immortal should arrive in 2021. Diablo 4, for now, is known to have five playable classes, a large skill tree, an online shared world and a much darker visual style than Diablo 3.

Overwatch 2 is known to focus on story-based PvE missions rather than the original game's PvP and will feature at least one new character, Sojourn.

We remind you that BlizzConline, the fully digital version of BlizzCon, will take place from February 19th to 20th and will be free for everyone. We hope to have more information about the games during this event, although the wait is still long.