Monster Hunter Rise was not meant to be so ahead of its time. One of the most welcome innovations introduced in the brand by the World chapter was in fact the absence of uploads in the exploration, offered in different maps completely sandbox.

Achieved ai microphones of IGN, the Producer of the new exclusive Nintendo Switch, Yasunori Ichinose, has in fact been able to state that in the initial stages of development it would have been thought to offer the public a product much more similar to the classic titles of the brand; areas divided by uploads included.

“On Nintendo Switch, we thought it would be difficult to preserve the visual quality and detail of a sandbox environment. However, as development progressed, we began to realize that open environments had become more and more the norm for successful games, and the liking of World spurred us on to achieve the result known to all today. "

From the words it seems clear that Monster Hunter Rise is from the beginning thought to be a product specially designed for Nintendo Switch, with all the related problems. We do not feel therefore to exclude a parallel development of some other project inherent to the brand designed for the new generation consoles by Sony and Microsoft.