If there is one thing for cui Nintendo is not particularly popular, are its online services. Not just some of its services - Virtual Console and Nintendo Switch Online for example - they are supported too little during their life cycle, but most of the titles developed by the Kyoto house use technologies for online matchmaking dated and full of critical issues such as sudden network errors or netcodes based on peer-to-peer between players. Well, this situation could change very soon.

According to the words of various dataminers such as thomasnet_mc, Nintendo may have started a transition period, abandoning its old architecture NEX (mainly used during the Wii U and 3DS era) to focus on the new system NPLN. It is still unclear whether this update will affect the netcode of games released in the past, but it appears that Monster hunter rise it will be the first title to support 100% NPLN.

Speaking of performance, it looks like NPLN will offer a superior online experience than its predecessor even on mobile connectionsinfrastructures that in the past were unsuitable for online gaming on Nintendo consoles.

To make you understand how old the NEX architecture is, you just need to know that inside the Splatoon 2 you can find references to some functions related to Windows 98.