Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, revealing the official release date, which is 14 Maggio 2021.

Announced last November, the Legendary Edition includes all three chapters of the BioWare saga remastered and optimized in 4K Ultra HD; not only that, they will also be included 40 DLC.

More work has been devoted to first chapter of the trilogy, which in addition to enjoy remarkable tricks in gameplay (more accurate aiming, weapon balance and team behavior), he will see his game world completely revisited on the graphic side, with patterns, textures and environmental effects improved.

Console players will have the option to choose whether to play with more detailed graphics or with a higher framerate; PC players will have the controller holder, 21: 9 widescreen support, DirectX 11 support it's a improved user navigation.

They're open Reservations: interested parties can pre-purchase collection for PS4 and PS5 from PlayStation Store, for Xbox fromXbox Store, and for PC via Steam o Origin.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be available from next 14 Maggio 2021 to PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X | S e PC.