XboxMicrosoft has released a financial report regarding the results obtained during Q2 of fiscal year 2021 (quarter ended last December 31, ed) by its divisions, obviously including that Xbox.

From what can be learned, the Redmond company as a whole recorded revenue of 43.1 billion dollars, up by 17%, with an operating income of 17.9 billion dollars (growth of 29%) and a net income of 15.5 billion dollars (increase of 33%).

The one that most closely concerns gamers is obviously the gaming division of the company, which also recorded excellent results: the Xbox brand, including both its services and its content, has seen its revenue grow by 40% compared to those obtained during the same period of the previous year. It stands out above all the + 86 % in hardware sales, a consequence of the launch of Xbox Series X and Series S, which has certainly contributed to obtaining this result. On the other hand, it must be said that the partial shortage of new consoles in these first months and the absence of a reference title such as Halo Infinite to accompany its services, Game Pass above all, may have had a slight negative impact on the numbers, however extremely positive.

Some additional information confirming this trend was then received by the famous market analyst Daniel Ahmad, that on his Twitter profile provided some other interesting data.

During the conference call with investors, according to Ahmad, Satya Nadella would have announced that the current number of subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass service has risen further to 18 million, with approx 100 million monthly active users on Xbox Live (from PC, console and mobile) and income equal to $ 2 billion last quarter from third-party content (another 1.5 billion come from first parties and subscriptions, according to the analyst).

These are certainly positive numbers, which highlight the goodness of the road taken by the brand under the guidance of Phil Spencer and allow us to look to the future of the division with more confidence. Maybe waiting for a further leap in quality, dictated by the first releases of productions made by Xbox Game Studios.