La BEUC, the European Consumer Defense Organization, does not accept the current situation around Joy-Cons from Nintendo Switch and their tendency to driftare, and is ready to bring the house of Kyoto before the European Commission with over 25.000 documented cases of drifting.

According to the organization's report on the case, 88% of the Joy-Cons examined showed malfunctions during the first two years of use, accusing Nintendo of having omitted this information to consumers and to implement what is called in jargon Planned or Premature Obsolescence.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Planned Obsolescence European UnionAnd now? Now we will have to wait for the decision of the European Commission, which will decide whether or not to carry out further investigations into the case. Investigations that, in all probability, would lead Nintendo to have to pay a fine for the damage to consumers and to review its approach with the Joy-Cons.

We remind you that at the moment, Nintendo offers a free repair service for your Joy-Cons, to allow you to get around the problem without spending another 70 euros on two new controllers. However, one must keep in mind that the problem has not been fixed. Indeed, among the various cases of Drifting recorded in these 4 years of console life, some of these occurred to users in possession of the new Nintendo Switch model released in 2019.