Monster Hunter players will surely remember the Hot and cold drinks. Objects able to increase resistance to heat or cold (sorry for the repetition) during the various quests. Well, this mechanic - present since the first chapter on PlayStation 2 - will not appear in Monster hunter rise, the latest game in the Capcom series coming to Nintendo Switch the next March 26 2021.

The news comes directly from the director of the game Yasunori Ichinose, who justified this decision through a post published on the official Twitter account and kindly translated from the Facebook page "Monster Hunter: The Hunter's Tavern":

“I haven't had a chance to say this since we revealed the Frozen Isles so I say it here. The most forgotten item during the quests (according to my research) the Hot Drink, will NOT return to MH Rise, so don't look for it at the merchant and don't try to craft it because it's not there! "

Obviously this change of nature QoL (Quality of Life) is destined to create several discussions and rifts between players: there are those who appreciate the removal of mechanics uncomfortable and who accuses the software house of having further simplified the Monster Hunter series. Which side are you on? Do you think this was the right decision? Maybe a way to incentivize the collection of buffs offered by endemic fauna?

Meanwhile, Nintendo confirmed the arrival in Europe of a console + game bundle and a special Pro Controller, themed Monster Hunter Rise: